Expert Consultations by Media Outlets


WCBS TV New York

Interview on the July 5, 2023 Ro/Ro ship M/V Grande Costa D’Avorio fire with CBS 5:00PM National news by anchors Maurice DuBois and Alice Gainer 

Daily Mirror

Mandenberg, Y. (2023, June 19). Expert warns rescue of Titanic submarine with “72 hours of air” left is “unlikely.” 

 Daily Express

Russell , N. (2023, June 20). Missing Titanic sub rescue “unlikely” says expert.

Corfe, O. (2023, June 20). Three reasons the missing Titanic submersible may never be found.

The World News

 The World News. (2023, June 19). Missing Titanic sub rescue “unlikely” says expert.

New York Times: Print Edition

Del Real, J. A., Baker, M., & Arango, T. (2019, September 4). Deadly Boat Fire in California Leads to Scrutiny of Safety Regulations. New York Times, pp. A14–A14.
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Noble, J., Rich, M., & Newman, A. (2017, June 18). Bodies of Several Sailors Are Found on Damaged U.S. Ship.  New York Times, pp.1-10.

Newsday: Print Edition

Schneider, C. (2019, September 20). LI captains talk safety after deadly calif. fire. Newsday, pp. A18–A19.

The Mercury News of Silicon Valley

DeRuy, E., & Woolfolk, J. (2019, September 7). Questions swirl around dive boat. The Mercury News, pp. 1–6.

Workboat Magazine
See story #2 “Dive Boat Fire May Lead to New Regs.”  Workboat, Dec. 2019, pp. 49–50. by DuPont, Dal

CBS National News: Radio Interview

Lebel, M., & Barrett, S. (2017, June 18). Interview: Collision between USS Fitzgerald and M/V ACX Crystal. CBS National News. Syndicated Radio Broadcast Interview.

CBC Canadian Broadcast Company: Telephone Interview for Televised Broadcast

Robertson, K. (2017, June 19). Interview: Collision between USS Fitzgerald and M/V ACX Crystal. CBC. Syndicated Telephone Broadcast Interview.